What Is The Point?

There is always something missing from travel blogs: people. Travelling is a great experience because of the people you meet. People make a place, an event, a restuarant good. How many times have you gone for a bite to eat and come back saying the food was great but there was no atmosphere?

I am interested in how people use spaces, how they live in a city or a village or the jungle. I am interested in how they go about their lives and help the people travelling to where they live. I am interested in them.

And, that is the point of this blog: a collection of profile pieces constructed from interviews with the people who live in the places I visited.

If you’re also surprised at the lack of posts, this is also the point. There is too much content at the moment and not enough curation, so think of this blog as a limited TV series or something. One post a week for a number of weeks.

That is it. I hope you enjoy it.


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